Summary of Qualifications:

1995-2001: Assist Professor, Department Of Fine Arts,
Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan.

1990-1995: Lecturer, Assistant Professor,
Department Of Art Education, Collage Of Fine Arts,
Baghdad University, Iraq.

1966-1990: Art Teacher in different schools

1964-1966: Designer at Ministry Of Education,
 Fine Art Artist-Major-(Paintings, till present day)




  • 2001- Present , Fine Arts Consultant.

  • 1989: Ph D, Florida State University, Art Education Department, School Of Visual Arts And Dance, FL USA

  • 1984: M.F.A Painting: California State University, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

  • 1983: M.A, Painting: California State University, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

  • 1976: B.A, Psychological and Educational Guidance, Department of Psychology, Collage Of Arts, Al-Mustansiryah University, Baghdad, Iraq.

  • 1967: High Diploma, Major in Painting, Institute Of Fine Art, Baghdad, Iraq.

Professional Membership:

  • 2001-Present: Member of Collage Art Association, USA

  • 1995-Present: Member of Applied Science University (A.S.U.) Exhibitions committee (Jordan)

  • 1996: Member of Applied Science University (A.S.U.) Year Book committee (Designer) (Jordan)

  • 1992-1995: Member of Art Education Committee, Ministry of Education, (Baghdad-Iraq)
  • 1986-1989: Member of Art Education Society, USA.

Additional Professional

  • 1996-Present: Participate in Iraqi Art Society Exhibitions.
  • 1996: Participated in the Year Book Applied Science University (Designer)


“Cultural Environmental Difference Reflected in the Children in Urban and Rural Elementary Schools in Baghdad”. This dissertation represents attempts tp assess and evaluate the differences and similarities between children’s drawings in these two districts.

Patents and Publications:

  • 1990-2000: News Paper Articles, Iraq –Jordan
  • 1984: Susan McRae, University Times, May 24 (Newspaper Article) CAL State University –USA
  • 1984: Exhibition Schedule Los Angeles Art core, 652, Mateo, LA-USA
  • 1983: Collage Preparation, English Language, San Diego, C.A, (Brochure)
  • 1983: Brand Art Galleries, Brand Library, Glendale, LA, (Catalogue).

Awards received:

  • 1975: Golden Madelyn, Fifth Fine Arts Arabic Exhibition, (Panyala)
  • 1968: Membership, Iraqi Artist Association Society.


  • 1996: (Attitude Of Secondary Student’s Drawings In Baghdad, Iraq), Paper presented at Al-Yarmook University, Irbid, Jordan
  • 1998: (Culture, Environmental, differences Reflected in the Urban and Rural Elementary Schools In Baghdad), Cultural Centre Amman, Jordan
  • 1987: Workshop Dominican – Institute of Arts.


  • 2011: Group Arab Croup Exhibit at Al-Humbra, Ca, USA.
  • 2001: Art CORE – LA, USA.
  • 2000: One man show, Al-Anda Gallery Amman – Jordan
  • 1995: One Man Show, Hewar Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • 1987: One Man Show, Florida States Conference Centre
  • 1987: Group show, 22nd Floor, State of Florida, Capital Building
  • 1985: Near Eastern Artist International show, Los Angeles Artcore
  • 1984: M.F.A Exhibition, Fine Art Gallery, California State University
  • 1984: Exhibition, Artcore Gallary, LA, California
  • 1984: Student Works, Fine Art Gallery, California State University
  • 1983: Water Colour Show, Brand Gallery, LA, California, USA
  • 1983: M.A. Exhibition, Fine Art Gallery, California State University
  • 1983: Student Works, Fine Art Gallery, California State University
  • 1983: First Iraqi Exhibition, Collage Preparation English Language, San Diego, California
  • 1979: Contemporary Iraqi Art,Italy
  • 1978: Panala Arabic Exhibition, Modern Art Museum Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1975-1977: Various Exhibitions, Pairs, Moscow, Tokyo, Bonn, New York and London
  • 1975: Fifth Fine Art Exhibition (Panala), Kuwait
  • 1968-1981: Annual Exhibition, Iraqi Artists Society Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1968: Al-Bedayah Group, Iraqi Artist Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1967: Students Group Show, Sine Art Institute Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq


  • English and Arabic (Fluently in specking, writing and reading)

Selected Collectors:

  • 2000: Majdolien, Al-Anda Gallery
  • 2000: Al-Augatty-Amman-Jordan
  • Dr. Jessie Lavano Kerr, Tallahassee, Florida
  • 1997: Dr. Athman – Lebanon
  • 1997: Dr. Khalil Athman (United Nations)
  • 1995: Dr. Bashir Al-Kadhra – Jordan
  • 1986: Dr. Zuhair Shihab, Lubbock, TX, USA
  • 1984: Dr. Burillati, Malibu Beach, CA, USA
  • 1984: XXV World Congress, International Society for Education through Art, Rio de Janeiro
  • 1984: Mr. H. Niami, Glendale, LA, CA 91205
  • 1976: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baghdad Iraq
  • 1976: Office of Music Education, Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1975: Ministry Of Information, Kuwait
  • 1975: Ministry Of Information, Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1970: City of Baghdad, Folklore Museum, Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1968: Modern Arts Museum, Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1968: Mohammed H. Al-Allaq, Baghdad, Iraq



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